The Achievement Program

Supported Employment

Having a job can be a great achievement for anyone, and it can particularly be a milestone for an individual with a disability. A real job can mean freedom to go out into the world and be a part of something larger. It is a sense of pride to add value and be valued.

Do you dream of starting your own business?

The Microenterprise Associate works with you to identify business or self-employment opportunities that match your skills and interests. Your Microenterprise Associate will also help you to learn the basics of starting and running a business, as well as work with you during the start-up phase. The Microenterprise Associate continues to provide supports for as long as needed, to help you establish a viable business in the community.

Do you dream of having a real job?

Job coaches assist you in finding a job that is the right match for your skills and your dreams. The Job Coach accompanies you to job interviews, helps you fill out applications and serves as your personal advocate. Once you are hired, your Job Coach provides you with direct support by offering intensive, on-the-job training. The Job Coach will work alongside you until a satisfactory work level is achieved and maintained. Then, the Job Coach will provide follow-along services to you – as needed – until you are completely comfortable and successful in your employment.

Supported Work Groups

The Supported Work Groups are contracted by area businesses to perform a variety of services in the community in corporate, outdoor, and industrial settings. You may be involved with cleaning offices, landscaping, clerical work, or building maintenance. As a member of the Supported Work Groups, you will earn a competitive wage, and also have the opportunity to work with your Job Coach to find and keep a real job of your own.