My Home - My Choice

Supported Living

A safe, nurturing home can make all the difference in the world. It is where the day begins and ends, and it serves as a safe-haven where we enjoy comfort and peace. The My Home – My Choice program enables you to enjoy the dignity and pride of living in your own home, while also receiving the supports you need to remain healthy and safe. Usually, support is provided through a paid roommate, or a team of rotating staff covering shifts.

Assistance is tailored to meet your needs. Your support staff will help you work on objectives of your choosing which may include money management, meal planning/preparation, shopping, accessing community resources such as the doctor or social activities, home safety and other services. You also receive assistance with your personal care, health, medical and behavioral concerns.

Affordable Housing Services

Have you been thinking of living in your own apartment? Is the high cost of apartments holding you back? Our Housing Coordinators are available to help you navigate the application process necessary to receive Section 8 assistance and other government rental subsidies. To provide support during the long waitlist period, your housing coordinator will assist you with exploring other affordable housing options including living with a roommate or renting from private homeowners.

Residential Services

Residential services address the need for a pleasant and secure home life for individuals who choose to live in alternative living units or group homes with other individuals. Opportunities are provided for meaningful daily pursuits, for active community participation and for relationships that sustain and fulfill them. Residential support staff partner with you to realize your hopes and dreams, and to reach your full potential. You receive assistance in setting goals and services based on preferences and needs. You also receive supports with your personal care and medical concerns.