The Adventures Program

Community Learning Services

The Adventures Program stands apart in providing highly individualized programming allowing individuals to explore leisure, recreational, and volunteer opportunities within their community. The program utilizes the community as a learning and living environment, and provides opportunities for individuals to build real relationships.

A real relationship with a friend in the community can be the difference between sharing joys and dividing burdens… or going it alone. Relationships formed during community activities create opportunities for lifetime companionship, and resources for future employment, if desired.

Join an Adventures Club and explore your community

You participate in community activities and/or volunteer opportunities together in a group with two or three other individuals. Together with other adventures club members, you plan your daily outings according to your interests. Each day begins at your local mall, restaurant, library, museum, or a place of your choosing, and continues with active participation in a wide variety of community activities. Your support staff assists with door-to-door transportation. If you need assistance with personal care, health, or behavioral concerns, your support staff is always right there with you.

Tailored Adventures

Do you need direct 1:1 supports due to a health or behavioral concern? Tailor your day your way. You plan a schedule of daily activities with your support staff. Your support staff meets you at your home every morning, and together you participate in community activities of your choosing. Your support staff provides the necessary supports to help maintain your health and safety while in the community.