Organizations and Businesses

Looking for a great employee? Companions can help. Everybody works – Everybody Wins. Companions can help you solve employment needs in your business. We can design jobs to help your business grow and prosper…and improve employee morale.

Some of the (no-cost) services that we offer include: business analysis and job description proposals, employee recruitment, ADA diversity trainings, job coaching, employee training & follow-along supports.

Sample positions which were customized, based on employer needs have included: childcare, automotive, clerical, veterinary, janitorial, retail, food service, landscaping, warehousing, and manufacturing.


What is Supported Employment?

Companions’ Supported Employment program is a creative approach to employment for people with disabilities and a valuable resource for local businesses. Employees with disabilities receive individualized training and long-term support to ensure their performance meets employer standards and expectations and encourages job retention.

What Are the Advantages to an Employer Participating in This Program?

Businesses who participate in hiring persons with disabilities report lower turnover rates, training & recruitment costs, higher customer satisfaction, improved job performance and morale for work teams.

How does Companion’s Supported Employment Program Work?

After a careful assessment of an individual’s skills and vocational interests, a Companions job developer will conduct a job search in the community, assisting prospective employers in the identification of appropriate jobs and tasks to meet the needs of their specific businesses. A comprehensive job analysis is conducted to ensure a good employer/employee match. An applicant is referred followed by a job interview, after which the final hiring decision is the employer’s.

How is Companions Involved After the Placement?

Employment specialists, or job coaches, assist new employees with a comprehensive job orientation, followed by on-going, individualized training and assistance to promote satisfactory work performance on an as-needed basis. They may also provide job modification assistance to employers, disability awareness training for co-workers, or job retention services to the employee and business on a long term basis.

What Reasonable Accommodations will I be Expected to Make for my New Employee and What will They Cost?

The employment specialist may analyze job tasks, restructure how specific job tasks are completed or teach tasks differently to best fit employer/employee needs. Most accommodations cost nothing at all and, in all cases, the employment specialist’s time is free to the employer.

What if I Hire Someone and it Doesn’t Work Out?

Companion staff will offer a variety of support services to make your employment relationship successful. However, as in the case of any employee, you are the employer and you make final decisions regarding your business.

How Does Supported Employment Benefit the Community?

When you provide a job opportunity to an individual with a disability, you are enriching the community by contributing to diversity in the workplace. Also, you are helping to relieve the strain on the community’s tax base by adding more taxpayers to the workforce.